Our mission to provide our customers superior school, home and office products through innovation and service excellence.

With passion and continued dedication, iScholar is today a leading manufacturer of school, home, and office paper supplies. We offer a depth of product from commodity items to premium paper products to fit a variety of customer/consumer needs.


Our main product lines include composition books, notebooks, index cards, filler paper, legal pads, coloring books, art & craft supplies and writing instruments.  All of our paper product lines are made from virgin pulp, and our ecoScholar/ecoNotes line is made from over 50% Post-Consumer Waste.


With our headquarters in New York and manufacturing in China, India, Mexico and Vietnam, we are vertically integrated allowing us to manage the product from forest to finish.

Our products are produced using fully automated, high speed machinery to insure the highest level of product quality standards is met.

We provide direct import along with stocking domestic inventory to meet all Back-to-School and every day product needs.

Our Brands